Six men, standing

up and clapping for me when I came into the room. They’d heard I’d been there on our last scheduled date, and had waited around a long time to confirm that chow was too late for a yard movement to the school much before our/the universally mandated end time of 8:30.

Had a productive discussion of some real life examples of arguments from analogy — short and sweet and packing a wallop. Next time we are now ready, I think, to talk about  Judith Jarvis Thompson’s “A Defense of Abortion.” Or at least as ready as we’ll be.

Start up conversation was about Cuomo’s recent announcement of a plan to expand college course credit opportunities to more NY prisons. The young man in the group (mid 20’s) who is passionate about getting an education (and boy, will he put it to good intellectual use) has written to Cuomo asking for help getting moved into one of the new programs — the John Jay College The Prison-to-College Pipeline program, also informally called P2CP, at Otisville CF. It’s a very competitive program, and I hope I can do something to tip the scales in his favor, not least writing a letter of recommendation. 

Promised to look into transcripts of the TEDx talks done at Sing Sing. A max! How on earth did they get that initiative rolling and through when we have trouble even getting a photocopied assignment in to someone who missed a meeting? Looking in to *that* too.



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